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OUIDA is a private membership programme and is not connected with any other company besides Langham Hotels International. Membership is offered on an individual basis and is thoroughly complimentary. Only corporate PAs, secretaries, office administrators and travel arrangers may apply to join. OUIDA regrets travel agents, hotel and airline staff and travel company employees are not eligible for membership. Except for Associate membership candidates, all other customers are required to obtain their employers’ endorsement before joining the programme.

Should you change jobs and move to another organisation, your OUIDA membership will remain active; however, your new company’s endorsement will be required (Note: This condition does not apply to Associate members).
Crystal is the first level of OUIDA reward membership. To remain an active member, you must book a minimum of 20 room nights within a 12-month period. Your participation at this reward level must also be endorsed by your company, with your supervisor’s email address entered into your online application.
Customers unable to participate in a reward scheme for company policy reasons may avail themselves of an Associate Crystal membership (Company approval not required). This level ensures members are recognised with invitations to all OUIDA social events while any room nights booked are recorded, but no points are awarded.
Once a Crystal member achieves a total booking of 50 room nights within a 12-month period, she or he is automatically upgraded to Sapphire membership. This level entitles members to even better value redemptions as well as exceptional gifts and further social invitations. As members would already have their company’s endorsement by virtue of their Crystal membership, such authorisation is simply carried forward.

There is also a corresponding Associate Sapphire level for Associate Crystal members who achieve a booking of 50 room nights within a 12-month period. As with the original Associate membership, however, no points are awarded and no company approval is required.